I am a teacher, how do I set up an Auto login shortcut?


Auto login icons

An Auto login shortcut is for schools that subscribe to Discovery Education Espresso or Discovery Education Coding online. Teachers and students no longer need to enter their login details when using the service in school. Teachers and students will need to know their login to use the services from home, but once teachers have logged in from home, they can set up Auto login on their personal devices for future use. Students do not have this option.

If you have an Espresso server in your school or you access Espresso via a central Local Authority server, you should already be using shortcuts across your school network, so you won't need to set up Auto login shortcuts. If you require any assistance with this please call us on 0800 6 527 527.

To access the instructions, log in to either Coding or Espresso. In Espresso, go to the profile menu on the right hand side of the search bar, and select ‘Auto login setup’. In Coding, click on ‘My Services’ at the top of the page, and then at the bottom of the page, click on the link ‘Get started’. Then on the next screen, choose either the Espresso or Coding button, and click next, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Your Administrator can set up the student Auto login shortcut across your school’s network. If you are not sure who this person is, please call us on 0800 6 527 527. 

Teacher account

  1. If you recently subscribed to our online services, you should have received a link to the Auto login tool in your activation email. Teachers can set up their own teacher Auto login shortcut from the My services area when they log in, or via the profile button on the Espresso home page.
  2. Teachers have a maximum of 50 logins per day. The student account has 300 per day – please contact us on 0800 6 527 527 if you are a large school and would like to increase either or both of these numbers.
  3. Coding – teachers have the ability to delete apps, but students do not.
  4. Espresso – teachers have the ability to download videos, but students do not.
  5. Changing the password – if you forget your password, you can click on the forgotten password link and request to set a new one. You should then delete the old shortcut and run the Auto login shortcut again.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team on 0800 6 527 527 or email SchoolSupport@discoveryed.com